I am not a company, can I buy product?

Our primary business is servicing the Canadian gift and souvenir market. If you are looking of a specific item, please contact customerservice@tallshipstrading.com with the details and they will assist.


Are there minimum quantities I need to order?

Order minimums vary based on product category. For the most accurate order minimum information, check the description area of each specific category. Otherwise, the minimum order is $350


How do I create login and password?

We are always working on improving our website, to make it easier for our customers to view our products and place orders directly from our website. This lets you browse through our product catalogues when and where it is convenient for you. 

To create an account, go to:



I forgot my password, how do I change/update?

For assistance to reset your password, please clink on this link and send a message for help with resetting your password. https://www.tallshipstrading.com/contact


Can I customize any product?

Many of our products can be customized for your store or event. Details can be found here,  https://www.tallshipstrading.com/catalog-type/tall-ships-custom-products, or contacting customerservice@tallshipstrading.com


How long does shipping take?

Orders usually ship within 72 hours via Mildand Courier, UPS, Midland Transport or Day & Ross.

Once your order has shipped, your invoice will be sent that evening, with the tracking details. We urge you to track your order online with the appropriate shipping company. If you are unable to find the details, please contact customerservise@tallshipstrading.com.


How much do you charge for shipping?

We strive to keep shipping costs as minimal as possible for our customers by comparing rates of multiple shipping companies. The shipping should only be a fraction of your cost, however, please note on smaller orders it will look like a higher percentage.